Planned a vacation with your family and the recent Covid’19 outbreak ruined your plan? Finally booked tickets for that long awaiting goa plan after college but Coronavirus got the best of it? 

It’s not just you who is going through this but almost the entire world. This sudden vacation has left us confused, bored and trapped in self-isolation. We finally know how introverts feel at a party. While we wait to get back to routine, looking on the bright side, this is a great opportunity for us to take a self-care break and be more productive. 

Here is a list of six things you can do at home, you don’t have to limit yourself to these. 

1. Make a schedule and stick to it.

Staying home might make you sluggish (not for them introverts though) as you face lifestyle changes such as eating patterns, sleeping, working out, etc., It is efficient to make a list of things to be done in a day and stick to it. I can’t tell you the satisfaction you get while striking each one-off. These are some of the apps for planning your day. Don’t forget to add “drink water” to your To-do list!

2. Workout 

A healthy body = healthy mind. 

Pick a spacious corner of your home or the balcony, bring your yoga mat and a bottle of water, and hit your home-made gym! 

If you don’t have the equipment, you can rent them or do some no-equipment workout, yoga or meditation. There’s a bunch of free home workout apps. Additionally, a lot of fitness bloggers are going on live on social media to help others workout. 

3.  Increase productivity while WFH

It may take you a while to adapt to working from home, as it is tricky to strike a balance between Work and life while both happen at the same place. There are a few key tips that help you set up a home office and create a work atmosphere. First, get dressed even though you are not commuting to the office. It will help you get in the right headspace for work. PJs are too comfortable to work in! 

Make a simple office set up with a table and a decent chair with a good backrest. (rent office stuff..)   Wake up a few minutes before work so you can get a headstart, physically and mentally!

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Most importantly, take frequent breaks like you do at your office. Take a walk, get some coffee, eat a light snack or listen to music. ( Take full advantage of your boss not looking!) 

4. Read a book or maybe write one! 

Books are always a classic go-to whether you need an escape. Pick an old book from your shelf or look up some e-books online, sit comfortably (beanbag or table-chair rent) and get immersed in it! 

You can also start journaling, write a story, doodle or make a comic. Avoid using your bed for any activities except sleeping, it helps you sleep better and faster, thank me later! 

5. Have a movie night with the family or alone

What even is Quarantine and Chill without a good old movie. Set up a movie night for your family or just yourself, dim the lights and don’t forget to bring some snacks. 

Cover all those new movies you have missed while you were hustling. 

DDLJ is always a backup if you can’t find any. 

6. Get cooking

Enhance your cooking skills, if you don’t have any this is your time to shine! From your grandma’s khichdi to Ratatouille, you can experiment with any recipe you want. There are so many easy recipes you can make with just a microwave. It’s okay if you fail on your first omelet, don’t give up! If you want a dish with lesser cooking time (ideally) than eating time: Try Maggie! 

There are a lot more things you can do by staying home, but most importantly you are making a lot of people’s lives easier by flattening the curve. It is also crucial to purchase essential groceries and not hoard them. Stay hydrated and keep washing those hands! 


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