14 Quotes On Sharing Economy

Who would have thought that there would come a time when owning nothing would be considered more valuable. With the great economic depression of 2008 led to emergence and boom of the sharing economy. Sharing economy, in the simplest way can be put as sharing of assets or services of value in exchange for a small fee.

Who knew a global depression would lead to the emergence of globally disruptive companies who’d shape the coming future and lend themselves to the establishment of sharing economy.

With sharing economy establishing its place in the global market, we at GrabOnRent compiled a list of 14 most insightful thoughts on the sharing economy,

  1. “We used to live in a world were there people, private citizens, a world where there are businesses, and now we’re living in a world where people can become businesses in 60 seconds,”- Brian Chesky
    Brian chesky on sharing economy
  2. “I really admire Airbnb as a pioneer of the sharing economy and for building community. They’ve found an elegant way to help hosts make more money and for guests to have authentic experiences. It brings those people together in a unique way.”  Logan Green
    logan green on sharing economy
  3. “The share economy blows up the industrial model of companies owning and people consuming.” —Forbes, Jan.
    Forbes on sharing economy
  4. “There will be growing pains along the way — and more horror stories, no doubt — but the sharing economy is here to stay.” ― Glenn Carter
    Glenn Carter on sharing economy
  5. “The best collaborations create something bigger than the sum of what each person can create on their own.” – Anon
    Quote on sharing economy
  6. “There are some things that are irreplaceable. In the service industry, there things that are deeply human that people want to participate in. So I think this is the beginning of a golden age,” – Brian Chesky
    Brian chesky on sharing economy
  7. “The last two decades have seen an exponential rise in e-waste. Cycling the products till its complete life-cycle in the ecosystem becomes quintessential to avoid waste dumps until processing of e-waste reaches its optimum efficiency.” – Shubham JainShubham Jain on sharing economy
  8. “Help others identify monetisation opportunities.” – Billee Howard.
    Billee Howard on sharing economy
  9. “We’ve always been in a culture where more is more, and suddenly we’re in a culture where less is a better quality of life. It’s pretty revolutionary.” – Bill Stewart
    Bill Stewart on sharing economy
  10. “We should not overlook the incredible value and impact of the voluntary sector within the sharing economy” – Ali Clabburn
    Ali Clabburn on sharing economy
  11. “We know nothing about most the people around us, yet there is always a chance they could be hugely valuable to us” – Scott Heiferman
    Scott Heiferman on sharing economy
  12. “Technology has really enabled the sharing economy to not only become a major trend, but (also to) continue to grow and be successful,” Leah Busque
    Leah Busque on sharing economy
  13. “As people’s access to the internet grows we’re seeing the sharing economy boom – I think our obsession with ownership is at a tipping point and the sharing economy is part of the antidote for that.” – Richard Branson
    Richard Branson on sharing economy
  14. “Can we expect people to value sharing economy platforms where there is more friction, but also more connectedness, or are people going to shift to platforms that provide services faster?” – Francesca Pick
    Francesca Pick on sharing economy

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