When you want to open an own business, one of the first things that pops-up your mind is purchasing the right furniture that compliments the workspace. It’s one of the most indispensable things for any business; after all, the ambiance and the feel of your office will depend on it. It will define the vibes of your office, helping employees feel homely and lasting an impression on clients visiting your workspace.

So, if you want to revamp your office or want to furnish new space and are in search of office supplies, but are perplexed whether to go for the fresh or rented furniture, don’t fret! Make up your mind, check your budget and let us help you.

While office furniture and laptops are a must-have investment for any business, purchasing the brand new always is not necessary. Most of the times, renting furniture and laptops, without hampering the pocket, makes sense.

Furniture and Laptops rental has become a widely-accepted scenario today because it’s cost-efficient and is the easiest way to modify an old office. But if you still have questions take some time and ponder upon these things:

Do I need to spend my money on depreciating assets?

Spending money on depreciating assets such as furniture, laptops, and air conditioners when your business is fluctuating is not an ideal investment you’d want to make. Instead, you can invest in assets that offer appreciating returns and bring profit to your business.

What is my company’s growth?

If your company is growing in a staggered fashion, spending oodles of money on buying new furniture is sincerely recommended to avoid. For instance, your business was doing well, and you had extended your office space to bring new people. At that time, rented furniture will cater your needs and will furnish your vacant space better than taking the liability of the same furniture when buying in uncertain waters. 

What if I would need a new team in future?

Maybe after some time, your business demands more people. This may need new laptops and furniture too. Fair ask. Buying new laptops and furniture at that time will bind your money and will serve no purpose after you plan to downsize or move to a larger furnished space. Renting comes with no liability and option to return when finished using the stuff. 

What if my business gets stuck in disaster?

Disaster is a natural calamity that can occur anytime. If you have purchased new furniture or maybe new laptops, disaster can land you in trouble. You will lose your precious assets instantly; however, if those were on rent, there will be a sigh of relief that not much money has been invested in them, with a lovely option to return to the lessor.  

Done with introspection and have made your mind? No? Still confused? Here’s the rundown to show why rented furniture is a better option than purchasing the new one:

  1. Pocket-friendly:

    No matter how costly is buying the new things, its value will depreciate with time. And with laptops or furniture, the market has witnessed most ups and downs. Therefore purchasing new furniture will affect your pocket and will indirectly hamper your business investments. Moreover, you will not only pay for your selected item but will also pay for the extra added cost in it (delivering cost). However, rented furniture will be delivered to your doorstep, with no hassle of loading and unloading.

  2. Also, old furniture is more like a new one; it is maintained by the owner to keep its value balanced. But if the owner finds it no longer in good condition, it is removed from the display.
  3. Warranty and Durability:

    Some furniture needs to be handled carefully, for instance, furniture made from teakwood and glass. And with used furniture, buyers don’t know how many times it has been refurbished and repaired hence durability is something you can hit on. Also, they don’t come with any warranty and damage repairs.

    Rented furniture, on the contrary, comes with the warranty against any damage. The provider takes care of everything and repairs respective damages when needed.

  4. Loading and unloading:

    Most new/used furniture sellers don’t offer loading and unloading services, which means you will have to pay extra money to get it delivered to your doorstep. However, in the case of rented furniture, the seller packs and delivers items to the owner doorstep without taking any extra charges. Most of the times, the cost of setting furniture in the space is also included.

  5. Maintenance:

    Any item, be it a house, car or furniture need necessary maintenance and look-out. And with furniture, maintenance becomes the utmost priority to ensure furniture’s life. While new furniture sees uncertainties, rented furniture is regularly maintained by its provider to keep wear and tear at bay.

  6. Variety:

    Variety is one thing that ever body seeks for while shopping. No matter what you are purchasing, you always look out for more; and with office décor, it is no less. Buyers look for furniture that perfectly meets their office requirements. While new furniture does provide many options to make a choice, you can similarly pick the rented items as per your office’s interiors, without any compromise to your taste.

Well the list doesn’t end here; below are some more benefits of renting furniture:

  • You don’t have to pay all at once; you can go for monthly or quarterly installments instead.
  • Choose a higher standard item, which perhaps is too costly for you to buy.
  • Pay only for the fixed period.
  • No more worrying about maintenance after signing the lease papers.
  • Upgrade your items whenever you want without hampering your budget.

No matter what you are doing, be it shifting to a new workspace or planning to move in for the first time, furnishing can be a bit challenging. While you know what furniture you should go for: rented or new or used and how much money you want to invest in; overlooking these things will waste your time and money.

Here are some pro tips to make the purchase easy for you:

  • Know what type of furniture your office demands: Bulky workstations or the lighter ones. The type of furniture indirectly depends on the nature of your business. Therefore, knowing these small things beforehand will save your time and money.
  • Look for the items that bring the ease in your workplace and enhance your image. When it comes to putting an impression on clients, décor is the one thing that depicts the face of your business. So choose it wisely.
  • Read all rental documents before making the deal. Make sure that your lease won’t have any hidden charges in it.
  • Look for the company that helps you customize your rental options. Do some research and find the one apt for you. Well, GrabOnRent offers a wide range of Office Furniture for its corporate clients. 

While signing lease papers for rent:

  • Consider your lease type:

    Before signing, consider the type of lease you are going for; does it cover every aspect or not. Some sellers don’t include said things like damage repairs, maintains in the contract which may hamper your furniture in future.

    Duration of Lease:

    Don’t just depend on word-of-mouth, instead ask the seller to mention every clause in the lease documents. Go for longer leasing, longer the duration, lower will be the monthly installments.

  • Insurance:

    Check whether the furniture you are choosing needs insurance or not. If it’s glass furniture, having insurance will be a plus.

So, the above information is enough to prove that option to choose rental furniture is superior to the used one. And when there are so many benefits of it, opting for rentals will definitely save oodles of your money. 

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