Bearing the cost of the deposit for a new house is already a hard task and to top that one also has to bear the cost of buying new furniture because the empty house doesn’t feel like home, right?
I assume that you would be nodding your head in acceptance. It happens!!! It’s very difficult to take out advance money for the house as well as money for the furniture. Most of the cash goes away on this and then comes the monthly rent which you have to pay for all by yourself.

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So, the question is “What can you do to unload the pressure off your monthly budget for your house?

There is a very simple solution to this question of yours. You can share your flat with some flatmates. Since we are nowhere near to reducing our population and are probably gonna beat China, so there is no shortage of people. But on the other hand, there is a shortage of flats and money.


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According to a survey conducted by GrabOnRent, around 32% of the populous already stays in sharing basis and around only 16% of people live alone in apartments. It is very hard to fit it to that 16% of the populous and get good flats for ourselves at the perfect budget. In this case, you can share a good nice 2-3BHK flat with other flatmates who are easily available. You just have to post in a few groups on facebook or just share it with your friends and you’ll definitely get a lead.

Now you would think that “What Can You Do To Unload That Extra Burden Of Furniture Expenses?

Well, buying will not be in an option because it will be a huge sum of amount to invest and you already have done it on the house as an advance.
What if I can get it for second hand?”. Yeah, of course, you can get it for second hand. But will it be worth it? It may have issues you know; like little damaged, faded colors, etc, etc. So are you willing to compromise the beauty of your new house with some old second-hand product?

So, what should I do?” – Very easy answer. You can RENT!!!! Yes, you can rent furniture and share the cost with your flatmates. Let me give you an example :

You need a Sofa set in the living area of your flat. Expecting that you are living in an apartment, you would probably look for some 3 seater sofa or maybe 3 seater recliner couches. Okay so if you have to buy it, how much would it cost?
First Hand: At minimum with worst quality – INR 15,000 and if you take something on average it can reach up to INR 24,000 to INR 28,000.
Ok for sake of argument let’s say that you have to buy it for second hand – you still have to get it for at least INR 10,000 with faded color and poor quality.

How much would it come if I rent it?
For renting you can get it for a minimum of INR 800/month which when divided among 2 or 3 people will cost you much lesser than buying.

So now that you are sharing your house and your expenses with some cool flatmates, this gives you an opportunity to save that heavy sum and spend it on something more useful. And for the part of the rent, you can of course adjust a basic sum divided among your flatmates, in your monthly budget. In addition to this, you will always have some great company around you and would end up enjoying and partying occasionally.

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So now you see why renting is a viable option and is more comfortable to share your costs than spending it all by yourself. And now if you are looking for a good place to rent from, try NoBroker or CommonFloor for renting the houses and GrabOnRent for renting furniture and appliances.


GrabOnRent is a Bangalore-based startup that provides a wide range of products across categories. Rent furniture, appliances, Fitness Equipments and lots more!