The refrigerator is one of the coolest inventions for this generation. It is literally the soul for food, making life chill and easy. But, what about caring for them? Do refrigerators also need some care and maintenance? Well yes definitely, until you want to be like Joey:

Unlike popular perceptions, you do not need a handyman for refrigerators unless heavy repairing is needed. You can keep your refrigerator working for a longer period of time if you care and maintain it every once a while. Let me share with you a few simple tips and tricks to clean and maintain your refrigerator:

1. Sun! Sun! Away: 

First and foremost, you must keep your refrigerator away from direct sunlight and other heat sources as much as possible. The reason is that refrigerators consume excess power and electricity and it will create a load on its coils and other parts, leading to failure of the unit. This can often render your warranty void, so always keep your fridge away from any direct sunlight.

Quick fact: This is the reason why most refrigerators are painted white, to reflect back most of the heat.

2. Open and close the door timely:

As simple as it sounds, it is most difficult to follow. Most of the time we open and stand in front of the fridge and then think about what we want from it. We do not realise that every time we do it, a lot of cool air escapes hampering the cooling capacity of the appliance. Imagine how irritating it is, every time someone knocks on your privacy, it is kind of the same situation. You can follow this weird gimmick to stop the urge of opening the door of the fridge for too long. You must also check that the door is closed properly every time. 

3. Keep the Coils Clean and Clear:

One of the most important steps to clean your refrigerator is to frequently keep the coils free of dust, debris and any other stain stuck to it. Unplug the refrigerator and vacuum it or brush off the dust. If coils remain dirty, it interferes with the energy efficiency of the fridge. This will heat it up more frequently and reduce the life of the fridge. The coils are usually located at the bottom of the unit or in the back. Clean the condenser fan, too. 

4. Check the Temperature:

The temperature of the refrigerator compartment should be ideally between 37° to 40° F and the freezer should be kept at 0° to 5° F. Always keep a check on the temperature of the refrigerator and the freezer.  It is important for food safety and running the fridge efficiently. You can get inexpensive refrigerator thermometer from any hardware store if you find the temperature of the refrigerator fluctuating. It is important to keep the refrigerator compartments filled up to keep the temperature fluctuations within in control.

5. Keep it filled up:

Freezer filled up

Imagine someone asking you to keep your fridge stuffed with food all the time. Isn’t it a dream come true? Well, facts say that the more food you have in the freezer the better temperature will be maintained. The reason is more food allows less air inside that warms up when the door is opened. So, it doesn’t take long to cool back to the set temperature.

Quick tip for you: Put hot food items inside after it has cooled down the steam air so that the refrigerator temperature does not take long to stabilize.

6. Keep food covered and gasket clean:

To keep your food preserved for long you need the fridge and to keep the fridge running for long you need to keep food wrapped in plastic or aluminium foils. This helps in effective cooling and preserves food better. Store food properly in airtight containers to minimize moisture inside the refrigerator unit.
The gasket is the black elastic rubber around the opening of the refrigerator. When the door is closed, the gasket gets compressed ensuring no air gap. This prevents any cool air from escaping the fridge. So, one must regularly check the gasket for any air leaks. Use a paper between the gasket and the refrigerator frame to see if it is easily falling when pulled. If it happens, it is time to change the gasket. One must also periodically wash the gasket with soap and water and dry with a cloth gently. The gasket is an important part of the refrigerator and a lot of care is needed around it.

Follow these simple tips and keep your life cool-cool just like your refrigerator.

Simple Guide For Refrigerator Maintenance

Watch this video for more tips and tricks:

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