A Guide To Solo Living: How To Make Your Life Simpler

As you venture off into the solo living, you may think – this is going to suck, or it’s going to be the best thing ever! There could be so many reasons for bachelors living alone. Probably, you’re in a law or medical school and need plenty of time to study. Or, perhaps you just enjoy serenity!

No matter what, the thoughts of the living solo can be all scary, exciting and overwhelming initially. It’s quite normal! All you need is to make some adjustments and learn some lessons on ‘Bachelor Solo Living’ to turn it to be just fine.

We’ve jotted down some cool, functional tips to make your bachelorhood simpler when you’re living singly.

Be Nice To Your Neighbors

Neighbors are accessible faster than friends and relatives in an emergency. That’s true! So, fostering a healthy relationship with your neighbors is important for your safety. They’ll look out for you, or check your property and sanity while you travel.

Head outside and interact with the people living around you as and when you get time. Always pass your neighbors with a cheerful wave or a nod. Be sure to have your neighbors’ names and phone numbers handy for an emergency.

Look For Extra Security

Don’t hesitate to put in extra efforts to ensure your safety when living alone. Opt for gated complexes; look for exterior security doors, interior door chains, deadbolt locks and home alarm systems.

Acquire Some Handy Skills

Sure, you can call a technician, or probably your handy friend to set up your PlayStation or fix a leaky tap. But, what if you need them at midnight or the friend or technician is unavailable?

Make a living alone as a bachelor can be a perfect learning opportunity! Learn some handy quick-fix tips and revel in your self-reliance.

Combine Workout And Fun For A Healthy Lifestyle

Workout alone is certainly boring! Include some great programs such as Xbox games, music, spinning or Zumba to workout in fun ways. Make it a part of your morning routine and stick to it.

Go Outside

True, you can bring all comfy in your solitude and never need to go outside. But, this lifestyle is unhealthy for both your body and soul. Avoid feeling disappointed about getting out and hosting guests. Go out to hobby classes, to friends and relatives or indulge in volunteering every week.

Another cool thing about bachelors living solo is everyone wants to hang out to your house since there is no pesky roommate lurking around. Just get some hosting skills and always have weekend fun!

See Beauty In The Ordinary

Believe me; life is beautiful! Beauty exists everywhere around us. It lies in the water drops rippling in a stream, in the little kids playing in the park, in the smell of the coffee you brew, in the smile of people, in the serenity and everything!

Just take a break and slow down to witness these delicate and soul-pleasing views around you.

Buy In Bulk

The point may not sound wise for people living alone. But it’s indeed smart to grab family packs of non-perishable edibles. With this, you just have to shop only once for minor things such as fresh veggies, bread, and dairy products.  

Take Public Transit

Fortunately, if you live and work in the same community, you can save on buying a car as well as on parking expenses. When you need a car for weekend gateways or family visits, use the ride-sharing programs like Uber. It will save you time and money while offering peace of mind.

Set A Budget and Stick To It

It’s easy to be extravagant when you have no one to think about or care for other than yourself. You may overspend on shopping and activities you love. How to control overspending?

Decide a budget and swear to stick to it (keep the budget realistic). As you are living alone, you shouldn’t spend more than Rs. 500 weekly on miscellaneous things. Your savings would help you after retirement. 

Living alone gives you a precious time to self-explore! Leverage it and bring out the best of you.

Happy solo living! Happy bachelorhood!

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