Moved to your new home recently? Years of hard work, sweat and determination have finally worked out but space is still a problem, right? Finding a spacious house at affordable rates in big cities is like finding water in a desert, nearly impossible. The wafer-thin difference between a beautiful living room and a messy living room is the word called “Space”. So, how do you create your own beautiful room without crossing the red line of space?

Know about these top space saving furniture ideas and create a perfect living and dining room.

1.Sofa-Cum Bed:

Sofa-Cum Beds popularly known as Futons are a great option especially if you live in studio apartments or a 1BHK. You can easily accommodate guests and use it as you like. It is like a magical shapeshifter, which can be a sofa in the daytime and a perfectly comfortable bed for the sleepy hours. You can rent a single as well as double size futon from us at best rates.

2.Multipurpose Center Table:

Accent Furniture is like the salt to the food. They are small furniture pieces but without them a room is incomplete. Accent pieces make up for powerful focal points. They can be a small center table or lamps or just beautiful cushion pieces. They are a must to add dimensions and meaning to your living room. You just cannot ignore them. So, we bring to you an elegant center table that not only adds beauty to your space-constrained room but also allows you to store any small things you want. This elegant table comes with an added storage space. Amazing isn’t it?

3.Convertible Study Table:

Cabinets and shelves are one of the most popular ways of saving space. They give meaning to the word de-clutter. Now you can get all of that in one with an attached tabletop for any work you want to do. Get this elegant piece on rent and create the perfect quiet study corner in your little home.

4. Eat, Study and Repeat:

Now you do not need a different study and dining room. With the Trojan Console Table, get a dining table which you can also use for your work and studies and it also has a storage unit. Double bonanza in single furniture.

5. Coffee cum Dining Table:

Convertible Table

The Boomerang Convertible Table is the perfect definition of, Great things come in small packages. This very handy coffee table can easily be converted into a spacious dining table. Sounds unbelievable? Check it out now and get the best deals.

Space Saving Furniture has never been so easy, elegant and economical. Rent with GrabOnRent to get the best deals and offer on a variety of furniture and home appliances.

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