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Buying A Television? Why Not Rent A TV @ Rs 619/month!

Television, also known as the ‘IDIOT BOX’, is one of the biggest sources of entertainment. It adds a entertainment to a blunt boring life. It not only adds…

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How To Plan A Girls’ Night At Home

Okay, so this is completely dedicated to the women folks. Are you girls getting all tired of the same old, Saturday nights where you go out to a…

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7 Returning TV Shows You Can’t Afford To Miss

This September and October all our favorite shows are returning with new characters, plot twist and a whole new spicy story. TV shows from DC, Marvel and Sitcoms…

IPL Match Night Party Checklist

Checklist To Throw The Best Match Night Party This IPL

It’s that time of the year when chants of “India.. India” make way for the whistles of the Super Kings and roars of the Royals. When players from…

6 Essentials That Every Home Needs

6 Essentials That Every Home Needs

If there is one quote that has resonated with me ever since I left my home 5 years ago, “Home is where the heart is.”   But what…

Here's everything you should be renting

Here’s Everything You Should Be Renting For Yourself!

Every individual’s need differs from the other and there’s no second thought about it. Whenever one goes to the market, he or she doesn’t pick up things casually….