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Checklist for Easy Kitchen Cleaning and Maintenance

It might not look like it to the naked eye, but microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba reveals that there are more germs in your kitchen than in your toilet….

Tips to use air cooler effeciently

5 Tips To Use Air Coolers Efficiently In Summer

Air Cooler or Evaporative Cooler was first invented and used in ancient Egypt and Persia, in the form of wind shafts on the roof. The technology that was…

How to Furnish a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are a quick escape to budget lifestyle. But most people think that studio apartment gets congested when you furnish it. Well, it’s just a myth and…

Rent all home furnishings under Rs. 4000/month

All Your Home Furnishings In Under Rs. 4000/month

Moving to a new house, or place, or city is often a scary and exhausting experience. Partially because of the uncertainty that awaits and partially because of the…