Trekking is the most blissful form of travel. The exhilaration you feel after the completion of a trek is unmatched! One of the important aspects of trekking is to carry the right items for the trek. If you carry less, you might be stranded and if you carry more you will exhaust yourself soon.

The trick is to plan well and make the most of your backpack. Audrey Scott who has been travelling and trekking around the World for the last 14 years advises not to buy ALL the stuff. Listen to the expert and grab on rent as much stuff as possible.

Things to carry in a trek



Trekking Bags usually vary from 50 litres to about 90 litres. Choose a bag based on the number of days you are going to trek. These bags are sturdy and easy to carry than the regular backpacks as they are specially designed for treks.

Camera Bag:

If you are carrying a camera, it is advised to carry along its bag as well.

Rucksack waterproof cover:

This is to save your bag and your belongings from unexpected rains or even blizzards which are pretty common at high altitude treks.

You can choose to wear a waist pouch to carry essentials like ID cards and some cash.


Include T-shirts for your trek and a separate one for sleeping. One trekking pant should suffice along with pajama pants. Also, carry a quick-dry towel. Get sunglasses and maybe even a hat for your convenience. A rain jacket or poncho is also advisable depending on the place you choose to trek. Carry good hiking shoes as well as a pair of flip flops. The flip flops will give your feet the much-needed rest.

First Aid Kit

Remember to carry a self-sufficient first aid kit which includes all the basic medicines like paracetamol, anti-biotic, antacids, etc and your prescription drugs as per your need. Pack a few band-aids, Dettol, cotton/gauze, crepe bandages and the like. Avoid carrying pain reliever sprays, choose to carry gels or ointments instead.


This includes all your personal stuff like soap, shampoo, toilet tissue, skin moisturiser, mosquito repellant, sanitizer and chapstick. Make sure not to carry big containers of these.

Camping Material

Camping Tents:

Renting out a camping tent is the best way to go instead of buying. Choose from 2 person tent or a 4 person tent. The better-known variants available in the market are Quechua T2 Tent, Coleman Sundome Tent and the Quechua T3 Tent.

Sleeping Bags or Sleeping Mats

Hiking Pole

Camping lantern

Portable stove

Lightweight utensils for cooking

Camping axe


Tools and Gadgets

Swiss knifes set, sewing kit, rope, power bank to recharge camera and phones.

Add a few snack bars to the list and don’t forget to go out there and experience the exhilaration. Do mention in the comments below if you think we should add anything to the list based on your experience.

This downloadable checklist from Uncornered Market might just come handy.