Jobs, business growth opportunities are taking us to new cities every now and then. I have shifted 3 cities in the last 1.5 years of my career. Every time I am shifting to a new city there is a mix of curiosity and stress that comes with it.

1. Will I make new friends?

Five Things That Rush To Your Mind When Moving To A New City

Social life is an important aspect of life. Otherwise why to earn thousands if you don’t have people around who care about you, with whom you can celebrate the happy moments and share feelings.

Friends are crucial when you move to a new city and is easy if you are a party animal or loves to talk. Cause nobody is going to come to you and say “ Hey, Are you new to the city? Let me show you the best hangouts here.” Nope that’s not going to happen.

You need to go to people, have a conversation and make introductions.

Choose your new friends wisely.

They may or may not be as good as your childhood friends but they sure are going to be your family in the new city.

2. How will be my new room?

Moving to a new city comes with an obvious challenge. Finding a new Home! (or a place you can call “Home”). It completely depends on what type of lifestyle you want and how much are you ready to pay for it?

Personally, I would recommend getting a good place with a lot of sunlight & ventilation. Balcony is a plus.

Pay that extra money for a room with balcony. You will feel amazing during rains.

Five Things That Rush To Your Mind When Moving To A New City

You should feel happy when you come home.

Initially, I used to get a fully furnished home for a higher rent. Later I found a brand which helps furnish the home on a rental basis in less than ₹2,000 per month.

This way I have saved more than ₹5,000 per month by getting an unfurnished place and furnishing it on rent.

Search for local Facebook groups with “ flat & flatmates ”. Here is a list of some Facebook groups for finding room/flat-mates.

Bangalore | Mumbai | Gurgaon | Hyderabad

Pro Tip

Search your new (potential) flatmates’ profile on Facebook before you move in to their place.

If you both are party animals, it will be fun. But if you love silence, you would have fights over music.

3. Will I starve to death without home food?

Five Things That Rush To Your Mind When Moving To A New City

Roti and an amazing Sabji is what you need after a day of work!

If you don’t love what you eat, why to earn so much money & eat what you don’t like?

There are a couple of ways you can get homely food in a new city.

Option 1 : Get A cook | Order groceries online | Life Sorted

Option 2 : Get a home Tiffin | rotate the Tiffin-wala for variety

Option 3: Learn to cook & start cooking at-least once a day. (Trust me, you must try this once)

To get tiffin-walas in a new city there are a couple of ways.

  1. Google “Tiffin suppliers” in “Your area”
  2. Go to “Urbanclap” & search for tiffin suppliers
  3. Ask your society watchman for any Tiffin suppliers nearby

4. How will I travel to work?

Five Things That Rush To Your Mind When Moving To A New City

Bikes are fast in traffic but the accidental risk is huge compared to cars & public transport

Live close to office and take a walk everyday.

In cities such as Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore, it takes more than an hour to travel 10–15 km distance during office hours. Why waste your time in travelling to office when you can do something productive or have a “Me time” at home?

But, a lot of times the rental prices in the vicinity of your workplace are really high. Take a cab pass or shuttle pass or use your employer’s transport if available.

Taking a car or bike everyday to work will drain a lot of energy out of you.

Don’t even think about it.

5. How will I handle expenses?

Five Things That Rush To Your Mind When Moving To A New City

Handling your hard earned money is a skill

A lot of mid career bachelors don’t understand that they need to save money.

 I completely understand cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi & Hyderabad are expensive in terms of living and other expenses. But, here are 3 ways where you can definitely save money.

  1. Have Home food
    You will end up spending only 1/3rd of what you would have spent on takeaways from restaurant.
  2. Shopping
    Do when you need not when you want. New city might seem lucrative for new shopping (especially clothes), just control yourself. Shop online and save money with discounts atleast.
  3. Living expense
    Keep a tab on what type of lifestyle you want and keep it minimal. I am not saying sleep on the floor, but spend on the right things. For e.g. Get a good mattress with bed but don’t spend much on the bedroom side table.


This article was written by Abhishek Patil. Abhishek is a Performance Marketeer and often writes about startups, digital marketing and things of his interest. At GrabOnRent, he works with a bunch of enthusiastic folks shaping the rental industry of tomorrow!