How To Throw An Amazing House Party In Bangalore

Bangalore as we all know is famous for its pubs and breweries. It is often referred to as the “Pub Capital Of India”. There is no dearth of cool parties in the city but if you want to spend exclusive and quality time with your best friends, hosting a house party is an awesome idea! You don’t really have to burn a hole in your pocket to throw a memorable house party, we are here to help ūüėČ

Now, let’s say you have invited over a dozen of your friends to your place. Have you planned well to let everyone party, dance and enjoy till they drop? Let us help you here. Here are 7¬†things you can do to add the ‘fun’¬†in your party. Keep in mind the following and soon you will be the most favourite person in¬†your circle.

1. Hookah adds to the coolness factor

Hookah for rent in Bangalore

Remember those days where there were Hookah bars in every nook and corner of Bangalore? Gone are those days but Hookahs are here to stay. Rent a Hookah and let your guests puff some Pan Ras, Mint or Silver Fox (Hey, how about mixing up the flavours a little?)

2. Conversations over a barbecue grill

Rent barbecue grill in Bangalore

Gather around the barbecue grill to have some random conversations while the aroma of chicken makes you drool. There are plenty of options to choose from the range of barbecue grills based on the number of people attending. Choose to rent a Prestige Barbecue Grill or a professional barbecue grill. Though open places like terraces are best suited for this, make sure you have a safe ventilation area while setting this up.

3. Play¬†games, lots of ’em!

Games on Rent in Bangalore

Let your friends indulge in some very cool board games like Monopoly or Tambola. Also renting out games like Dart and Jenga will add to the fun. Drinking roulette is also a simple but amazingly fun drinking game. You can rent it out from GrabOnRent at just Rs. 125/day! Beer pong and Poker can also be included in this list.

4. Be the lovely Bartender

Cocktail shaker on rent in Bangalore

Have you seen the bartenders juggling and throwing fire? Well, you need not do that but you can get close. Just grab on rent the Ice Cooler and cocktail package which includes the shaker, peg measure, opener and ice tongs. Arm yourself with the equipment, shake it, pour it and chug it. Simple, right?

5. Let them bling

Lights on rent in Bangalore

Lights play a crucial part in setting the rhythm right. Add a laser light or an LED par can while you and your friends groove to your favourite EDM song. Music, friends and just the right lights is really all you need.

6. Console Gaming Station

Play Station on Rent in Bangalore

Nothing keeps the boys as occupied as a PS or XBOX consoles. Be the good host and let your guests play the addictive games like FIFA or Need For Speed. You can rent out a variety of gaming consoles just for the weekend.

7. Movie Marathon

Projectors on Rent in Bangalore

If your friends are movie buffs rent a projector and binge on crazy movies through the night. Bring the theater experiences right inside your room. A few crazy ideas for movie marathons include Final Destination Series, Saw Series, Horror Movies, Fast and Furious Series or just about anything that you might enjoy! Just don’t forget to get¬†(a lot of) popcorn.

You can also check out the Insane Party Package.

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