Bangalore is a city with varied lifestyles, from hardcore partying to most quiet and soothing kind. Whether you are a college going student or a working professional, you can enjoy all styles of life here in Bangalore.  If you are like a submarine submerged in booze and music, or a hogging machine, irrespective of your profession, here are a few areas to have the best party style life.


Located in the east of Bangalore, Indiranagar is a lively dining and nightlife partying hub, with a touch of residential lifestyle. Best to visit in the evenings, the restaurants, pubs and craft breweries along 100 Feet Road and the surrounding streets are perfect for a young and stylish crowd. By daytime, this area is a popular shopping destination, home to fashion stores selling international brands, plus quirky boutiques giving customized handicrafts and funky home decor items. The nearby area also serves to one of the poshest localities for families and bachelors to live in due to such plethora of engaging activities.


MG Road and Brigade Road

Both located next to each other, they are one of the busiest roads in the city and are lined on one side with retail stores, food outlets and restaurants and pubs. It has many office buildings, shops, and theatres as well and is considered one of the tourist attraction places of Bangalore. With two metro stations on M. G. Road, the eponymous station, and Trinity, it is one of the easily accessible places attracting the crowd for shopping and partying.

Mg road 2 Mg Road


Cosmopolitan Koramangala is one of the most popular areas with young tech workers, students, and families. The area is home to many IT companies, colleges, pubs, restaurants and residential apartments and independent houses. Hip restaurants and rooftop bars cluster around 80 Feet Main Road, while the streets near the famous Jyoti Nivas College are also known for trendy fashion stores selling funky clothes and accessories. Upscale apartment complexes are interspersed with the commercial buildings on the tree-lined avenues. This area gives way to some of the most populated pubs of Bangalore.

Tilt koramangala Social Kora


Populated with mostly youngsters studying in college, working professionals and families, this area has lots of food stalls and shopping complexes. With a quiet ambiance, with nearby retail shops and local stores that gives low-cost products, this is a good place to live giving a flexible commute to major areas of Bangalore. The area and nearby localities also have some pubs with an amazing brewery.



This layout is known for its quiet environment with lots of gardens and parks. It is one of the poshest localities of Bangalore and now it has emerged into a leading residential area due to its proximity to the greatest IT tech Parks of Bangalore. With great companies, restaurants, and pubs, this area attracts working professionals. It has become a gateway to Electronic City, a major IT hub of the city.

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