The History

Long stretches of well-trodden roads green with trees and shrubs filling in the voids of sideways, denying the mighty sun to unleash its brutal heat over people that found comfort in their shades.  The very same trees that made people fall in love with Bangalore, the Garden City of India. But that was the Bangalore of the past.


Today, people fall in love with opportunities Bangalore opened up for an entire nation of dreamers, creators and innovators. Rightly being termed as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India. Today, Bangalore seems to be a shadow of the serene green city it once used to be. The shade it once provided to its habitats illuminated away, and the sun shone brighter with every tree that was cut down.

Changing weather trends in Bangalore


Before the start of this decade, the average temperature of Bangalore during the month of April, when summer is at its peak was recorded at 31 degrees. In 2016, the max temperature recorded during the same time was 39.2 degrees surpassing the 85-year-old record of 38.3 degrees as the highest temperature of Bangalore.

The Changing Trend

The upward trend seemed to continue through 2017 with temperatures of 37 degrees being recorded consistently in the month of March. With temperatures soaring as high as 40 degrees in the months of April and May, being the first-time Bangalore would ever witness such surge in temperature.


The extreme swing of weather has also played its part in influencing the lifestyle of Bangalore residents. In the past decade of urbanisation, the use of ceiling fans has seen an increase, whereas recently, the adoption of air coolers and air conditioners in soaring higher.

The Growth

In a scenario of drastic changes in weather and consumer lifestyle, was an opportunity to instil some sense of relief to the residents by providing Air Coolers and Air Conditioners on rent for the summer season.


At GrabOnRent, we realised and capitalised on the opportunity presented by drastic climate change. After renting out nearly 500 coolers in Summer 2016, we witnessed a phenomenal rise of 300% in our orders for air coolers, in the month of March compared to last year. With summer at its pinnacle and reports of the hottest summer ever, we were further able to increase our air coolers order by a whopping 2000% compared to 2016.


Here is the search trend on Google in Bangalore 2016-2017, with respect to the search term “Air Cooler”. The graph shows that the peak search for Air Coolers in witnessed between April 10th – April 20th.

Search trends for air coolers

Being a young company we have always focused a lot on data to ensure we are on the right track. Last year, mid-April saw a huge spike in the search volumes for air coolers. We were certain it is a trend that would follow again this year. One other reason we have been able to cater to such a requirement is that air coolers are short term requirement for most, as the summer lasts from March to June.


Being able to rent ensures, a customer does not have to bother about storage space, neither do they spend on servicing or maintaining the product. What has been more fascinating is that we have seen orders across age groups from Gen Z to Baby Boomers. Renting has proven to be age agnostic indicating the potential the rental industry holds.


With facilities for same day delivery and no-cost maintenance to our customers, we witnessed more than 200 bookings every day, making an obvious choice for the residents of Bangalore, looking to escape the heat.

The Future

The change in trends has not just been on the consumer end but also at the end of the providers. This year we have garnered enormous support from our vendors, who have realised the opportunity and ventured out to product rentals for the very first time. This is a positive shift for the businesses into product rentals who aim at driving the supply for the local suppliers.


With summer behind now, we find ourselves amidst another changing trend.


Over the past decade, Bangalore has been the fastest growing metropolitan, growing nearly 47% in the total population. Bangalore has been the first choice city for many migrators around the city, in search of better opportunities.


With many of these migrators unsure of their duration of stay and with limited financial resources, this new wave of renting is providing a convenient and an affordable alternative to people.


GrabOnRent is a Bangalore-based startup that provides a variety of products across categories on rent. Rent furniture, home appliances, bikes and much more at a fraction of the cost!