10 Ways For You To Relax Your Mind & Body After A Long Week

Having a long week?


Probably over burdened with tasks and relentless hours of working to meet those stringent deadlines? Or, probably had a tussle with your manager?


It takes a toll on you, doesn’t it? Not just on your professional life and your productivity at work but your personal life as well.


It’s okay to be overwhelmed with work. It’s okay to feel worn out. But, it’s not okay to keep ignoring the signs of your worn out body and mind. This weekend, take some time out for yourself, revitalize your mind and prepare yourself for the coming week.


To help you do so, we’ve listed 10 most effective ways to unwind after a long week,

  • Sleep

    Get ample sleep to relax your mind and body
    Throughout the week there are enough tasks to deal with, at home and at work. From meeting your deadlines to fighting the traffic to reach work on time, to completing the day-to-day house chores.To meet all your daily tasks, it’s a miracle for most to get a healthy 8 hours of sleep. Weekends are the best time to take complete rest and to keep aside the alarm clock.

    Get a proper sleep of at least 8 hours, that should give your mind ample time to relax without the annoyance of snoozing your alarm clock every 5 minutes.

  • Pamper Yourself

    Get a spa or massage to relax your mind and body

    Obviously, correct? The long week gets you exhausted in all possible ways, probably you start looking stressed and undone at some point in time. It keeps you thinking of what to do and what not to do about.It’s okay to pamper yourself after all even you deserve it from time to time. Take a hot shower or a bubble bath with essentials oils and salts. You can also visit a spa or get a full body massage to help you de-stress the tension from your body.

  • Exercise

    Get a spa or massage to relax your mind and body
    There’s no better way to feel pumped up and full of life. Exercise doesn’t only keep you physically fit, it also helps you de-stress and let off some steam.Running down a few rounds will make you forget every worry that has been surrounding you. As exercise helps reduce all the stress hormones it keeps you relaxed and also keeps you away from many diseases.

  • Ice-cream

    Ice cream helps reducing stress
    Ice-cream is the best way to deal with stress and the same is what the researchers say about it. It helps you keep calm and improve your mood. Chocolate also releases stress and hence, chocolate ice-cream will be the best choice to gain everything the long week has taken out of you.Forget about all the calories and the price chart, get a tub of ice-cream and enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Solitude

    You must have been around just too much buzz throughout the week, too many people and just a lot and lot of worries. Irrespective of whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, the buzz eventually gets to you.Don’t worry and be happy should be your anthem for the weekend. Take a break from everything and stay home. Take some time alone to reflect on yourself, work on yourself and fall in love with who you are.

  • Meditation

    Meditate to relax your mind and thoughts

    Throughout the week you must have dealt with a lot of stress and pressure. Losing patience and calm also might have taken a parallel path. Meditation will help you de-stress and it is practiced by many people to keep themselves calm and composed.Try this from this very day and experience serenity. This will keep you a happy person by the end of the day.

  • Indulge in what you love

    Do what you love
    As a teenager, everyone’s dreams are fueled by passion. The child inside you wants you to continue that passion and make yourself happy. Indulging in something you’ve always wanted to do or had been doing since childhood is the best way to lighten up yourself.Take a dance class, write poems and stories, go swimming, do anything that pleases you and relive your passion.

  • Read a book

    Read a book to elevate your mind

    Reading a book is like traveling to a completely different world. You imagine you recreate the characters in the back of your mind, you picture yourself as a character and most importantly you live the story. This is the way books make you forget about your surroundings and let you in its magical world.So the next time you need a break, choose a book of your favorite genre and live the striking story.

  • Switch off from work

    Unplug from work this weekend
    Work, work, and work is all that you’ve been doing throughout the week. Do you still want to continue the same? Probably yes, if you are a workaholic too. But, it is essential for you to unplug yourself from work time-to-time.This also provides you enough time to reflect on your work and alleviate those stressful work days.

  • Plug out from social media

    Unplug from social media
    In this world of constant status updates, tweets and snaps, it’s easy to be burdened by the voices of others while constantly in search to increase your followers, retweets and post likes.Unplug from social media, take some time out to reconnect with your old mates. Live the actual reality not the virtual.

    You may choose also to stay at home, travel, and cook yourself a great meal, play games, sleep or anything without being bothered by nuisances of others.

Healthy mind and healthy body makes healthy you

Your mind and body aren’t separate they’re intertwined. You can not expect to have a healthy body while your mind is burdened with growing stress. Take some time off this weekend, unwind, grow, and elevate your mind to take the tasks head on for the coming week.


If you know someone who really needs to take a break, share this with them and let them know it’s okay to stop running and take a deep breath to live today! Do share with us, how you cope up with stress after a long work week in the comments section below!


Have A Happy Weekend!

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