If a mattress is all you can think of these days, chances are it is time to change your mattress. Good mattress for a bed is exactly like salt to the food, cheese to pizza, Watson to Sherlock, it completes it. One cannot deny that night becomes goodnight only when the sleep is peaceful and complete. 

It is shocking that even though we spend our life’s most precious moments of sleep on a mattress, we fail to realise its importance until it is time to change it. A comfortable and good mattress is very important for both mental and physical health and we should pay attention to the base we are sleeping on. If you find these top 5 warning signs, it is time to change your mattress urgently:

1.Dirty-Dirty Mattress Secrets:

Mattresses endure a lot for us in the form of dust, dirt, microbes, food debris, secretion of bodily fluids. Fact states that on an average a bed is home to 6 billion dust mites. The real picture is grosser than the numbers sound. If you have ignored the cleaning of the mattress at regular intervals, chances are that the mattress must have become smelly, itchy and full of allergies. The result is that your mattress is now home to millions of bedbugs, mites and moulds which cannot be cleaned with regular cleanup anymore. So, start looking for a new mattress now and get a good pocket size/ double size/ compact size mattress on rent.

2. Lump in the mattress, not your throat:

Source: King Mattress

Every good mattress crosses its prime age and reaches a stage of wear and tear. If you see lumps, discolouration or sagginess around your bedroll, rent a new one now. Otherwise, it will seriously interfere with your sleep patterns. Sagging basically occurs from bearing your body weight for a long time and can be observed under your sleep area. If you see deep body impressions in your bed leading to body aches and pain, you have your answer. Find a new replacement.

3. Poking spring:

If the spring coils of the mattress are poking way too much in your peaceful sleep, get up and press it hard. If the screeching noise is hard to resist imagine how painful it is for your body to sleep on the uncomfortable mattress. According to reports, 80% of adults experience lower back pain and worn out springs in a mattress could be one of the major reasons for it. If you are waking up feeling all sore, save yourself from restless rolling and body aches, look for a new mattress now.

4.Spilling Foam: 

If the foam of the mattress is shifting way too much, it could be because of damage to the adhesive between the layers. The foam might also degrade from the constant pressure you put on it every day. If the foam is not comfortable anymore, do not compromise on your sleep anymore. 

5.Sleepless nights and Sleepy mornings: 

If you are not getting a good night sleep and you are waking up all sleepy, drowsy and irritated, your mattress might be at fault. Look for the other four signs mentioned, maybe it’s time to flip the mattress completely. If the mattress is too firm, excess pressure on areas like your shoulders, hips, knees, side, and back can lead to aches and pains.  

While regular cleaning, constant flipping/ rotation of mattress are a few ways to take care of the mattress. Ideally, mattresses are good for a maximum of four years. If you can see these signs in your mattress, Start singing the lyrics of the song 7 rings, “ I want it, I Got it” and get yourself a new mattress now. We will help you with that too, Rent good and comfortable mattresses now from GrabOnRent.

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