Why Should You Rent Furniture?

Population in urban cities is increasing at a rapid rate which has soared up demand and prices of almost everything. We millennials are like busy bees, where we hop from a house after house, city after city and job after job. How many of us have stayed in a city where we were not born and raised but have made these cities our home? And we tend to keep changing these homes quite often for various reasons like education, marriage or job switch.

The demand for fully furnished houses is prevalent because as an individual we do not want to bear the overhead of unnecessarily buying furniture for a house where we ourselves are not sure about the duration of the stay. The burden increases when you add the psychological and monetary cost involved in buying, transporting and later maybe even selling this furniture.

Fully furnished houses are not very common and are much more expensive than the non-furnished ones. As a matter of fact, most of the youth in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi are facing this exact conundrum.


Should you consider renting furniture?


You need not own it to experience it

Few reasons why you should consider renting furniture instead of buying:

1. If you plan to move soon

If you are not sure about the duration of your stay in that particular house or if you are confident that you are not going to stay for more than a defined duration, you should definitely rent furniture. The cost of buying just does not make sense.

2. High prices

It goes without saying that good furniture is expensive. But you need not burn a hole in your pocket to live a life that you deserve. Beat the high prices and make the smarter choice by renting.

3. If you are saving up to buy your dream home

If you are saving up to make that down payment for your dream home, continue to save! Being a miser helps in the longer run but not at the cost of settling for a furniture of lower cost and quality.

4. If you don’t like a monotonous life

Once you buy the furniture it is here to stay. FOREVER! Looking at the same furniture over and over again can feel monotonous for a few people. Spice things up and rent furniture. You can change the furniture as frequently as you want without any hassles.

5. You want a life not filled with worries but experiences

Life is bliss

Whoever said this did not live in present day Bangalore 😛

Life is meant to be bliss and hassle-free. Work hard towards your goals in life and collect experiences that you will cherish forever.

If you don’t want to go through the whole process of buying, transporting and selling your furniture; don’t do it. You do have a smarter choice.

6. Try before you buy

Ever since I saw Joey and Chandler on their recliners, I desperately wanted one! I saved up and went to a showroom to buy. I sat on it and guess what? I did not feel the magic 🙁 Eventually I decided not to buy one.

Rent sofa recliners in Bangalore

Comfort differs from person to person and trying before buying is a great option.

7. Avoid maintenance and other costs

When you rent furniture from GrabOnRent, we take complete responsibility if anything breaks down during the rental period. So you essentially do not have to bear the costs and headache of maintenance.


Still confused if you should rent or buy? Call us and let’s talk at length. If you know or find any other reason to rent furniture instead of buying, please comment below and I will add it to the list.

Happy Renting!

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