Here is to the power within a woman

Today when I sat down to write this article, I was torn. I was in such dilemma on who should I write for. Should I write for the millennial woman who is achieving so much every day and is at par with any man, or should I write for the woman who has been denied of all opportunity and needs to be empowered. Both the aspects are the reality of the present day world. On one hand, we are the progressive society that honors hard work and talent, whereas, on the other hand, we are also the society that considers one half of the human civilization inferior to the other half.

The huge status gap in different societies

It is so ironic that a woman’s status changes so drastically, not depending on her behavior or acts but depending on the society she is seen in. Give it a thought, in a civilized, educated and cultural household or society, the women always hold a higher ground to the men, they are considered as the creator and nurturer and respected for every act and role of kindness and motherhood they take up.In a sophisticated environment, a lady is always treated with utmost respect and receives the best behavior. In a household, if the women and girls are loved and respect for everything they do, it is not a big thing or something special. It is just the right thing to do.


While the situation in the rural and not so civilized societies is just the opposite. Here women are treated like second-class citizens, let alone be given high respect. They are not given the basic freedom to walk out of the house alone or wear clothes of there choice or the freedom to just speak their minds.

The contrast in approach account for stagnation

The realities are very different and hence it makes it all the more difficult to combat such a situation, mainly because the modern individuals cannot relate to them. The people in the cities do not see where the real problem lies and the people in the rural areas do not see it as a problem.

What is the reality on the ground?

Okay, let’s not go so much in depth now. Let’s talk on the surface, why do we need to even have a  day dedicated to women, we do not have a day for men, do we? The obvious reason would be because women are weak and need to be empowered to get at par with men. But that’s not true, women are very strong and always at par with men. The only difference is that women are not given the equal opportunities and equal treatment to perform their tasks well. And who gives these opportunities you ask? The society does, the same society that is predominantly governed by patriarchal norms. The real issue lies in the fact that nearly every person in the workplace, the road and everywhere else is a man. And so all the rules, customs, and unsaid norms are set in place to favor the majority.

Think about it. Does a girl ever feel uncomfortable in a shopping market filled with ladies, no. But does the same girl feel uncomfortable in a mall filled with a majority of men, yes she does. There is nothing more comforting than another girl boarding the bus when you were the only girl with five other men. A girl always feels empowered when there are other women besides and she feels more confident and less conscious.

Set the balance right

For me the solution is simple, when there will be equality in the number of men and women on the roads, in the workplace or at home, the opportunities, the importance and respect scale will gradually get a balance. When there will be gender equality, naturally everyone will have a say in things and women would not fall prey to unjust rules forced on them without taking their opinion into consideration.


So this women’s day let’s not have big talks, let’s not give speeches. Let’s just walk in the world with our heads high, no matter a man or woman. Let’s encourage and teach the younger generation of girls to keep going because they have every right to. And, teach our girls that they are smart, intelligent, important and can be anything they wish to be. And let’s teach our boys to be compassionate and respectful.

Let’s act now to achieve now

I urge the women to stand up for yourself and love yourself. Most importantly respect yourself, you are worthy of everything you have achieved and no one can take away your strengths unless you let them. You need to realize your own power and then empower the entire womanhood by helping the ones who are not fortunate enough to have confidence and courage to love themselves. You need to help them realize their worth and what they are capable of.


We need to make small changes. Empowering one person leads to a chain reaction where that person helps empower another and so on. If we do this honestly, that day will not be very far, when we will not have to use the word “empower” for women. Instead, we will use the word “powerful” women.


From the entire team at GrabOnRent we wish all the beautiful women around the world a Happy Women’s Day, and thank you for being the inspiration you are!